Fifty.   5.0.

I knew it was supposed to be upsetting. ¬†I was expected to make a face and say how I hated hitting the Big 5 0….. Yet all I could think was –Barb…darling… you made it to 50-doesn’t it feel Fabulous‚Ě£ÔłŹ And, yes, it did and it does!!

Life is exhausting. ¬†Tiring. ¬†Wearing. ¬† ¬† And 50 years of life has walked me down some really long roads. ¬†Some hard, rocky roads. ¬† Along the path, one thing I’ve learned is that how I choose to view my journey greatly determines not only my attitude, but my outcome.

Stronger.  Better.  Grateful.  I CHOOSE to make  each day a good day.  I choose to be thankful and I choose to allow every experience to be woven into my story for the good, creating an avenue in which I can love and encourage someone else.

The only thing you can control is you.  So be the best version of you.  Decide every day to be who you WANT to be, no matter the circumstance.

My goal is for my character to remain in any situation – to maintain who I am and who I am striving to become. ¬† I don’t always hit the mark but I do know where I’m headed….‚̧